About St. Crispin's League

St. Crispin's League is a group dedicated to the full exploration and enjoyment of the realm of Albion offered on the Nimue server. We do not stress one aspect of the experience over another. We feel, and embrace, that there is much to do within the realm and no one course is completely correct. Some will wish to rise swiftly through their learning and fight the foes most directly, others will wish to explore all the Quests and tasks that are offered in the Realm. Still, others will wish to develop themselves in the crafts that are vital to the success of all in the field of battle and hunt.

The League is dedicated to ensuring that no matter what course you follow, that will be able to enjoy yourself while in the Realm. To Achieve these ends, there are several some behaviors we encourage and seek out in people. We wish to have members who are strong of Character and speak so, but we do not punish those who are less skilled at this. We expect that respect will be given to all, and received in turn. We also expect that the manner of enjoyment of any member will not be belittle or spoken poorly about by another. This being said, it should be understood that we want all to enjoy themselves to the utmost. The League tries to aid those of its numbers through passing on items from the more advanced to those that are learning. We also strive to form hunts within our own ranks and within the Alliance, to better aid the advancement of those in both the League and her Allies. We try to make sure that each person is able to achieve goals of learning at a pace that suits them, and try to enable this.

The League is not focused on any one aspect of the realm, nor is that our intent. However, do not think that this diffusion of effort weakens the League. It has made it a well rounded, developed, and balanced home from many who grow in knowledge of our realm, our enemies, and our crafts.

The Core Values of St. Crispin's League

This League is founded on the belief that the game is more fun when played with people you know, like and trust. We feel that sharing the experience of gaming is enhanced by knowing people and by trusting them. These ideals in play evolved in other game systems and we bring them with us to Dark Age of Camelot.

Our core values are:

We feel that these Values are Core to the League. We all stand to benefit from them and the gounders charge the League with these values and beliefs. We are self-policing. We enforce our rules ourselves and abide the majority will. As respect is a core value, there should be no problems with bowing to the will of the majority.

Membership in the League is selective, with offers being extended to those who have shown the mettle we seek in members, not just bandied about as a means of feeling popular. When you become a Member, there is meaning to it. You have been selected to be a part of this group. You have shown your worth and merit. It is our choice to call you Brother or Sister, as part of our League. As brothers and sisters, let us share the burdens and joys.